A new Earth conversation

A campus-wide climate initiative at Clark University.

The world faces unprecedented challenges
Our interdependent ecosystem has been de-stabilized by its human inhabitants and the expansion of an industrial economy powered by fossil fuels. The underlying political, economic and social tenets of our world are proving increasingly volatile, destructive and untenable.

We are called to grapple with existential questions:

How do we educate in a time of increasing uncertainty, instability and injustice?
How do we educate now for the world we wish to see?

For over four years we at Clark University have reflected on the nature and scope of the climate challenge, and our calling as educators and students in the face of it. A new Earth conversation is the fruit of that work.

We are creating a transformative new learning environment within the University – one that addresses the climate challenge from a foundation of reckoning, reflection and collective listening. Through discernment, insight, and community, effective engagement and action become possible. This arc of reflection, insight and action is embodied in the distinctive NEC practices of Collaboratives, Council on the Uncertain Human Future (CUHF), Listening in Nature, and public programs.