We have, as a planet, entered a time of profound change.

Can we face it together?

Given its gravity and uncertainty, how will we as educators show up?

Can we re-envision the work of our community, given this reality?

A new Earth conversation started with these questions.

A new Earth community

can realize our collective vision.

Through A new Earth conversation, we acknowledge the accelerating transformation of our home planet, with climate disruption as its most pervasive symptom. The biosphere of which we are part has been de-stabilized through our own actions, with cascading implications and uncertain futures. Given this profound challenge, we seek new approaches to the work of higher education through a deepening dialogue between us.

As a Clark colleague put it, The world has already changed; it is the end of business as usual. If we continue as we are, it is a choice, and we are complicit. What can we offer here to meet this new reality? In A new Earth conversation, we explore that question together.