Traina exhibit | spotlight

This February, A new Earth conversation and the Council on the Uncertain Human Future celebrated the opening of “The Uncertain Human Future: A participatory exhibit” in the Traina Center for the Arts. The night of the opening, CUHF Lead Convener Sarah Buie and Walter Wright (Professor Emeritus in the Department of Philosophy) convened an Evening of Council with several of their Council Collaborative students participating.

The exhibit itself offers a spotlight on the questions asked in the Council on the Uncertain Human Future: What is taking place on the planet? Why is it happening? And given what we know, how do we live now?

With a collection of notes spanning over four years, the exhibit makes visible this process of reflection that our students and faculty continue to hold at Clark. Reflecting on the exhibit, Dimitri Koufis shared this hope:

The climate crisis goes far beyond CO2 levels; we are in a time of ecological, social, and economic crisis, and these are deeply intertwined. ‘Addressing’ these crises takes a broader lens than we are used to. I hope this exhibit can give anyone engaging with the material a glimpse of the intertwined nature of the climate crisis and the opportunity for unconventional thinking in addressing any and all concerns posed in the exhibit.”

Many thanks to Dimitri Koufis for supporting with the installation of the exhibit, and to the many students, faculty, and Council partners whose reflections contributed to this body of work.

Read the full piece in ClarkNow:

Traina Center exhibit reflects on the climate crisis | March 9, 2020