Council on the Uncertain Human Future

The Council on the Uncertain Human Future is the foundation of the NEC.
We begin by asking and responding to the fundamental questions:

In these political and cultural times, what is taking place in our country, and why is it happening?

What do we understand is taking place in terms of climate and ecological breakdown, and why is it happening?

What are the implications of these changes for the Earth and all living beings?

How do we choose to conduct ourselves in this time of grave danger?

Given what we know, how do we live now?

In doing so in an intentional way – as a Council – we acknowledge together, sometimes for the first time, what we are facing and what it means. We listen well – to ourselves, to each other, and to what arises between us. We feel and sit with the gravity of the situation. We listen for vision (and even direction) in that process of reckoning. We let ourselves be changed. In the process, and in a gradual collective way, new insights, increased compassion, creative momentum and collaborations may arise.Students come into A new Earth conversation (NEC) by participating in a UHF Council. The work of the Collaboratives and other aspects of the program thus draw from this depth of reckoning, honesty and insight.You can learn more about the CUHF and the international network that has grown from it at