NEC Courses

Course experiences connected to A new Earth conversation create a distinctive space of student inquiry and engagement at Clark. While grappling with the challenges posed by climate change, students in Collaborative and Affiliated courses are able to deepen their collective insight and understanding, creating the possibility of collaboration and action.

Collaboratives, Spring 2022

Collaboratives embody a fundamental process of the NEC. Collaborative students start the semester by meeting together in the Council on the Uncertain Human Future. From this foundation, they go on to consider the topic issue of the Collaborative, allowing the concerns and questions of the group to emerge. Through deep dialogue and inquiry, these interdisciplinary courses cultivate creative exchange on campus through horizontal relationship building between faculty and students, and a process of collective knowledge production.

This Spring, NEC will have the following Collaborative courses:

Affiliated Courses, Spring 2022

Affiliated Courses provide another interdisciplinary opportunity for students to engage in reflection on the climate crisis. While more traditional in their structure, these courses may integrate Listening in Nature experiences, NEC programs, and the Council on the Uncertain Human Future as part of their offerings.


A full list of Affiliated courses will be posted soon.

Past Courses