Polar Science Research Laboratory

From Professor Karen Frey, NEC Faculty:

Welcome to the Polar Science Research Laboratory in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University. Our short films highlighting Earth System Science and Geographic Information Science will give you insight into our research here. In particular, the Polar Science Research Lab was created by Dr. Karen Frey in 2007 and since then has undertaken projects across the globe, including the Arctic (East Siberia, West Siberia, the northern Bering/Chukchi/Beaufort Seas, the Alaskan North Slope, and West Greenland); the Antarctic (West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Amundsen Sea); and the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region (the so-called “Third Pole”).

The lab has included both undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.S./M.A. and Ph.D.) researchers with broad, interdisciplinary interests in the linkages between the land surface, ice cover, ocean, and atmosphere in polar environments. More specifically, our research interests include Polar Climate Change, Cryospheric Responses and Feedbacks to Climate, Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of Rivers/Estuaries, Permafrost Hydrology and Vegetation Dynamics, and Sea Ice and Ecosystem Responses to Sea Ice Variability. Our research involves extensive fieldwork and labwork as well as remote sensing/spatial analysis and modeling.

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