A new Earth conversation is a transformative
climate initiative at Clark University

We have, as a planet, entered a time of profound reckoning.

Given the gravity and uncertainty of our situation,
the work of higher education must change.

A new Earth conversation

is our response to the challenge of these times.

Through a collective process of inquiry, listening and discernment,
engagement and effective action become possible.

Voices of NEC

Student and faculty reflections on our work in a time of ecological crisis

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The Work of Reckoning

Reports from the Field

At Clark we are bridging the work of inquiry in the classroom with immersive community-engagement and thoughtful action towards ecological...

Faculty Projects

Our faculty at Clark form the core of A new Earth conversation, and their work demonstrates a deep commitment to...

NEC Newsletters

Every semester, A new Earth conversation creates a newsletter to share news of our upcoming programs, affiliated courses, and other...