Balancing forests and development | spotlight

NEC Lead Convener Denise Humphreys Bebbington and Core Advisory member Anthony Bebbington are lead authors on the newly launched 2020 New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) Assessment Report on Goals 3 & 4. The report Balancing forests and development: Addressing infrastructure and extractive industries, promoting sustainable livelihoods launched November 19th.

This NYDF Assessment report finds that massive planned infrastructure, mining, and other extractive projects threaten tropical forests while failing to serve local communities. The report offers four strategies for progressing on Goals 3 and 4 to halt global deforestation.

Additional contributing authors include Andrea Cabrera Roa, Nicholas Cuba, Pilar Delpino Marimon, and Laura Sauls, all current and former PhD students of the Clark University Graduate School of Geography.

Read the full report and assessments for all 10 NYDF goals at