What happened to the bees?

Documentary screening and Panel

WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 at 4:30 pm | In-person screening: Jefferson 320
Zoom link: HERE

This documentary, ¿Qué les pasó a las abejas? unmasks the privileges of transnational corporations and shows the effects of capitalism on the social and ecological structures of indigenous communities in Mexico. The struggle of Mayan communities reveals the contrasts between traditional methods, sustainable and respectful of the ecosystem, and the industrial work that threatens to modify life as we know it.

This event is organized by Extractives@Clark – The Clark Center for the Study of Natural Resource Extraction and Society, and co-sponsored by A new Earth conversation as part of Listening in Nature Week.


Robin Canul SuárezCo-director. Robin is a journalist and professional photographer who has collaborated with “Tierra Adentro” magazine and books published by the National Council for Culture and the Arts.

Leidy Pech, Goldman Environmental Prize, Mayan Beekeper.

Jorge Fernández Mendiburu, Human Rights lawyer. NGO “Indignación”.

Please register for this event HERE. Attendees may either join in-person or virtually for this gathering.