Teach-in 2016 Schedule

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9:30am | SESSION ONE What is changing, and why?


Earth, Fire, Water Indications of Planetary Change
Deb Robertson (moderator), John Rogan, Rinku Chowdhury, Hannah Silverfine (student facilitator)
Grace Conference Room

Impacts (and possibilities?) of Capitalism
Dave Correll (moderator), Paul Posner, Will O’Brien, Ed Weinberger, Sanika Shah (student facilitator)
Tilton Hall

REDD+ The role of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in addressing global climate change
Cindy Caron, Gil Pontius, Bernadette Arakwiye, Laura Sauls
Jonas Clark 104


A new normal for sea ice in the Arctic
Karen Frey
Jefferson 320

Look at How We’ve Been Changing Our Planet! Humans have wrested substantial portions of our global environment away from nature’s sovereign control… We will discuss some of the implications for the future of our planet and of our species.
Les Blatt, Emma Berman (student facilitator)
Lurie Conference Room

The global warming hiatus: evidence in the response of vegetation Has the atmosphere really stopped warming? Opinions vary… This presentation looks for independent evidence in satellite images of vegetation productivity and reviews leading hypotheses to account for the phenomenon.
J. Ronald Eastman
Fuller Music Room


Gender and Climate Change (9:30 – 11am)
in the class Sex and Development
Ellen Foley
Granville Room, IDCE House

Paying Our Fair Share (9-11:50 am) in the class The political economy of food and the ethics of eating(room for 10-12 students)
Ken MacLean
Astronomy classroom

10:45 am | KEYNOTE PANEL more

Following Up on Naomi Klein Questions, possibilities, actions
Professor Tony Bebbington (Geography) (moderator), President David Angel, Professor Ed Carr (IDCE), Professor Jody Emel (Geography), Professor Parminder Bhachu (Sociology)
Atwood Hall

1 pm | SESSION TWO How do we choose to respond?


Disposable Goods, Disposable People, Disposable Planet
Amy Richter (moderator), Halina Brown, Anita Fabos, Gabe Epstein (student facilitator)
Jefferson 218 (Starts at 1:15 pm)

Making Black Lives Matter on Earth Both Racial Justice movements and Environmental Justice movements have more recently shifted from a call for reform to an outcry for the survival of human bodies in the face of increasing awareness of actual and preventable death and destruction. Nevertheless, these movements remain disconnected from each other as though society can only address one force of human created destruction at a time…. The movement for environmental justice must embrace the call to make “Black Lives Matter” as much as everyone’s lives in our pursuit for survival on the planet.
Eric DeMeulenaere (moderator), Ellen Foley, Toby Sisson, Julius Jones
Grace Conference Room

Citizens, Nations and the Politics of Climate Change
Jim Gomes (moderator), Kristen Williams, Srini Sitaraman, Rob Boatright
Jefferson 320

What’s coming? Speculative Fiction and climate change
Walter Wright (moderator), Betsy Huang, Stephanie Larrieux
Higgins Lounge

What is it about humans? The humanities and climate change Hugh Manon on desire and consumption in the digital era; Steve Levin on anthropocentrism; Usha Iyer on climate change and gender, especially in “third world” contexts
Hugh Manon (moderator), Usha Iyer,Steve Levin
Lurie Conference Room

Nature’s Times, Human Times Is climate change an emergency?
Is responding in an emergency mode useful and appropriate?
Robert Goble, Sasha Atkins
Jonas Clark 217


Transformational Resilience
Will O’Brien
Jonas Clark 220

Clark’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Climate Action Plan
Jenny Isler, Robin Miller


A Different Way of Knowing (1:25-3:45pm) Changing our relationship to nature using the body as a perceptual system — an experiential session (in the class Myth and Symbol)
Valerie Claff, David Sprague (special guest)
Sacred Space classroom, Traina Center


Pause for the Planet Meet at 2:30, Red Square
Lama Willa Miller, Everyone
Red Square, Campus Green

Council sessions Form groups after Pause
Join a circle with a facilitator
Council locations throughout campus

4 pm | SESSION THREE What’s next?


Walter Wright (moderator), James Cordova, Gino Di’Iorio, Deb Robertson
Grace Conference Room

What does being human mean now?
Sarah Buie (moderator), Tony Bebbington, Lama Willa Miller, Sheila Onzere, Ken MacLean
Higgins Lounge

Doing it here, doing it now
Chuck Agosta, Jenny Isler, Joe Bush, Matt Feinstein (tent.), Gordon Crean (moderator)

Food systems, climate change and economic development
Ramon Borges-Mendez (moderator), Rebecca Miller, Eli Goldman, Lynn Stromberg, Brian Monteverdi, Hannah Silverfine

As within, so without Indigenous Elders of all traditions speak of similar “technologies” that are available to each and every one of us right now that will help our environment…. In this conversation we will explore our personal roles and actions that can begin in this moment.
Rachael Shea, Amelia Cenotti, Sanika Shah
Fuller Music Room


The hydrogen revolution: A glimpse into the future from Japan, Germany and California
Greg Trencher, Casia Terezoni
Sustainability Hub, Main St

Green Leverage: Capitalisms and Their Fulcrums of Change, Now for the Future
Wes DeMarco

Building Climate-Change Resilience: Case Studies in Worcester & Mexico City This session is a dialogue about how to create a more climate change-resilient future, and its overlap with sustainability, social justice and poverty reduction. We consider two contexts: Worcester and Mexico City. We will talk about climate change implications for these two settings, and in particular, what needs to be done to increase society’s capacity to respond.
Tim Downs

Learning, Climate Justice, Corporatization: Ideal and reality at Clark University
Jude Fernando (moderator), Claire Bayler, Brittany Dennis, James Patin, Fiona Barrett, Michael Foster, Emm Vernet
JC 218


An Earth meditation: Close the day with a time of silence and reflection
Lama Willa Miller
Higgins Lounge

Screenings of This Changes Everything
documentary by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein

Friday, March 18 @ 7 pm, Jefferson 320
Tuesday, March 22 @ 7 pm, Sackler 122
Wednesday, March 23 @ 7 pm, Jefferson 320